Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Getting started

 Welcome to the Jasper Farm Iowa Recipes Blog!

I am setting my recipe posts in the form of a blog because I want this to be an interactive and living place of sharing our ideas and favorite recipes that make use of goat milk cheeses! Every recipe posted will employ one or more types of goat cheeses, or kefir or yogurt or other yummy uses of goat milk. I can't wait until our vegetable garden is in full force, and the berries are ripe, as you will also see seasonal home-grown produce popping up in the recipes. And always, what you don't have outside your own back door can easily be substituted with a cheese or veggie from the store!  These are recipes designed to be flexible in using what we (the collective we, not just us here!) have available.

This is all approached from my point of view as a busy mom to human kids and goats exploring ways I can incorporate what we are so lucky to have here on our farm. I love stress-free recipes that can be prepared without a lot of last-minute attention.  I will sometimes splurge on some higher-maintenance preparation if hubby can watch the kids!

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